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Replai tags video creatives automatically and at scale for in-depth analysis

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Video tagging is at the core of Replai’s platform

Using Computer Vision AI, Replai breaks down video creatives into core elements called tags.

These tags, such as character or cut frequency, are leveraged across the platform to enable powerful creative analysis.

– Should you use character A or character B in the first 5 seconds?
– Should your ad last 10 seconds or 25 seconds?
– What music resonates with your audience?

These are the type of questions you can answer with Replai.

The next level of video creative analysis

Let the AI do the work for you

Replai fully automates the ingestion of your video creatives and tags them with computer vision AI, saving a considerable amount of time for your teams in charge of video analysis.

The tag library lists all your video tags matched with their associated creatives to offer a fresh new view on your video creatives.

Replai ad deconstruction and tagging
Creative tagging and performance

What you didn’t know about your ads

Many Replai customers find out that some video components they were not aware of, such as luminosity or sound, have in fact a considerable impact on advertising performance.

With Replai, you think about your creatives in new ways. The tags lead the way to understand what exactly works in your videos.

The possibilities with tags are limitless

Replai’s video tagging system is an industry first – we can virtually tag anything in a video: Gameplay Design, End card, Creative type, Background, Camera orientation, Colourfulness, etc. – there is no limit to what Replai can identify within videos.

On top of the particular video elements you want to analyze, our AI also proposes tags you may not have considered, but which could be critical factors to a creative success.

The tag library lists all your video tags matched with their associated creatives to offer a fresh new view on your video creatives.

Creative tagging full list
Creative tagging performance analysis

Leverage tags in your paid campaigns

Video creatives used in various paid campaigns need to be fully optimized to ensure the highest engagement and conversion rates.

Replai allows you to compare tags and advertising performance side to side on a single dashboard. With tags, you finally know what’s working in your videos and what prompts your audience to action.

Take tags into consideration
when building your creative strategy

Replai helps foster creative discussion among teams. Tags are the building blocks to answer creative questions and drive new advertising ideas and concepts.

See below a few example of video tags.


Which character or person to showcase in your ad? At what moment and for how long?


Which background or location generates the best results?


Should your characters show anger or sadness? Frustration or happiness?

Visual Elements

What object or item on your video are noticed by your audience?


How should the first three seconds of your video start?


What game or app mechanisms to highlight in your ad?

End card

What should the last screen look like to get clicks and installs?


What text needs to be put in the video? When and how?


What music or sound appeal to your audience?

Cut Frequency

How often should your video cut to the next scene?


How fast or slow should your video be?


What’s the ideal ad length to drive engagement and clicks?

Our video tagging features offer a wealth of use cases

  • Identify top performing tags
  • Mix and match tags to build new ideas
  • Test ideas and concepts
  • Iterate on an existing creative
  • Do more of what’s working

I can now name the tags which improve performance. Our creative choices aren’t guesswork. We don’t have to come up with entirely new video concepts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is creative tagging?

In the classic sense, tagging is the process of assigning labels to an object. On Youtube for example, videos are “tagged” with keyword labels. In Replai, the process of creative tagging consists in identifying creative elements within a creative asset, and labelling them with values. For example, Replai identifies the creative element “emotion” and labels different values for this element (e.g. joy, anger, sadness).

Videos are then analyzed to identify if they feature the element “emotion”, and are “tagged” with the specific emotion(s). The position and length of the tag is also taken into consideration – for instance, the emotion “joy” happened between 00:02 and 00:05 and again between 01:14 and 01:25. Replai automates creative tagging for customers, so that they don’t need to manually label their video assets. Technically, video creative tagging at Replai is done at the video frame level.

What video tags are available at Replai?

Replai is able to tag an infinite number of video elements. Video tags are split into three categories. First, core tags are tags that are always available to customers and automatically generated. These includes (but not limited to) duration, cut frequency, pace, color, or CTA. Second, custom tags are tags that are defined by customers based on their own requirements. For example, these include: intro type, character, room type, influencer, etc.

Finally, suggested tags are AI-driven recommendations of video creative elements that are worth tracking – e.g. because they may lead to critical impact on paid campaign performance. Examples of suggested tags include gameplay type, logo position, location, etc.

Can I create my own video tags?

Absolutely! With Replai, you can define your own tags, that you can apply to your videos. From the definition of these custom tags, your video library (and upcoming creative assets) are automatically tagged and ready to be analyzed.

Tagging is always applied to your historical videos, generating new insights to learn from. For instance, you may be interested to tag your characters’ outfits, to determine which outfit prompted the best level of engagement from your audience.

What should I do with my video tags?

Your video tags are centralized in Replai’s tag library. From there, you can dive into each tag and understand how they have been used so far: for instance how many videos are featuring the tag, where in the video, and for how long.

You can filter your ad campaigns’ performance based on specific tags, and even analyze tags based on their associated paid campaigns’ performance. Tags can be used to better identify the successful elements of a creative, they can also be combined to suggest new ideas and iteration possibilities.

Can I see my competitors’ tags too?

Yes, we also tag competitors’ ad creatives (beta version). You can explore your competitors’ ad library, and analyze how they’ve been featuring specific tags, such as “ad duration”, or “colorfulness”.

You can also carry out benchmarking analysis by comparing how much you’ve been using a certain tag in comparison to them.