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Your creative data dashboard – simple, easy and actionable.

Mobile publishers struggle to consolidate all their video creative data under one roof. Ad performance data from video creatives is scattered across ad networks and mobile measurement partners, making it difficult for creative teams to get insights about their creative assets.

Replai consolidates and aggregates ad creative data across all your MMPs and ad networks to provide a clear and easy-to-use dashboard.

Empowering data-driven creative teams

Easy reporting on creative performance

All your creative performance data is automatically collected and aggregated.

Use our summary dashboard to quickly access trends across ad networks about spend, installs, clicks, and impressions.

See statistics about your creative concepts, your top performing concepts, as well as recommendations on how to improve your creatives.

Data aggregation on the creative level

When the same creatives are promoted across different ad campaigns and networks, creative performance data is scattered and it is not always easy to make sense of it.

With Replai’s fully customizable dashboards, your teams can see how each creative is performing across app stores, ad networks, countries, and campaigns across your favorite metrics.

Data breakdown to the creative element (tags)

Replai fully automates the ingestion of your video creatives and tags them with computer vision AI, saving a considerable amount of time for your teams in charge of creative analysis.

The tag library lists all your video tags matched with their creatives and offers a fresh new view on your video creatives.

Enhance collaboration between creative, marketing and growth teams

Replai is collaboratively used by creative, marketing and growth/UA teams, as well as external partners such as mobile agencies.

The teams can level up their creative and paid user acquisition strategies by leveraging Replai’s platform as a single source of truth.

We are fully integrated with your tech stack

Connecting your ad networks and MMPs to Replai is fast and easy – we are a plug-and-play solution.


Connect all the dots with our powerful features

  • Automated data aggregation and consolidation
  • AI-driven performance scoring and recommendations
  • Highly visual user interface
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Out-of-the-box integrations

“It was incredibly easy to get started. We had been dreaming about data for years and suddenly there it was.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is creative performance data?

Creative performance data is the data generated when a creative (a banner, a video, etc.) is being promoted on an advertising platform, such as Facebook, Snapchat or Tiktok.

Advertising platforms typically share creative performance data on a per creative, per ad campaign basis. Here are some examples of creative performance data: click-through-rate, number of impressions, amount spent. Creative performance data can be sliced and diced across various marketing metrics.

What mobile tools can I connect with Replai?

Replai integrates with most ad networks and mobile measurement platforms (MMPs) used by mobile app publishers.

These includes, but not are limited to, Facebook (Meta), Snapchat, Admob (Google Ads), Tiktok, Vungle, Unity, Applovin, Adjust, Singular. We can also build custom integrations to fit your own adtech stack for a fee.

How can my creative team use Replai?

Creative teams are using Replai to analyze the past performance of the creatives they built.

From these insights, creative teams draw conclusion about the creative elements that work well across different audiences, campaigns, countries and network. They leverage Replai’s AI-driven recommendations to iterate and improve on existing creatives, and to brainstorm new ideas (i.e. concepts) for their next video creatives.

What insights can I get from my creative data?

Your ad creatives generates a large amount of unstructured data and information that can be leveraged in Replai. With creative data, you can better understand the performance of your paid campaigns and how your advertising assets are resonating with your audience.

For instance, you can identify that a specific target audience (e.g. 25-40 years old females in Canada) may be particularly engaged with a specific creative concept, such as funny videos. Or that a specific video element (such as dogs) tend to drive more app installs in your campaigns in, say, South Korea.

How much data do I generate from my video creatives?

Lots of it! Often, app publishers don’t tap into the sheer amount of data generated by ad creatives promoted in numerous ad campaigns. For every ad launched in the market, there are thousands of data points to extract and analyze.

You may want to analyze performance-related data (e.g. KPIs and metrics such as clicks and impressions), or creative details’ data (e.g. specific video features and elements, such as voice tonality, pace or colour temperature). Besides, creative data can be combined and filtered with ad campaign data, such as country location or targeting.