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In a privacy-centric world, UA managers have to deal with massive data loss restricting the optimization of their paid campaigns. Ad creative optimization is more important than ever to keep performance metrics high up.

The challenge faced by user acquisition teams: Turning paid campaigns into a brilliant success

UA leaders, along with performance marketing managers, need to ensure that their paid campaigns have the best KPIs: high app install rates, low cost per install (CPI), high revenue on ad spend (ROAS)… They encounter many challenges along the way, such as:

  • A signal loss due to privacy-centric changes such as IDFA
  • Siloed data across platforms
  • Too many metrics to optimize on
  • Lack of visibility over what to improve
  • Creative fatigue reducing the lifespan of campaigns
  • Intense level of competition in the mobile space
  • Lack of visibility over what competitors are doing

Replai helps UA teams build successful ad campaigns

aggregated performance dashboard

With the sheer number of ad networks and ad campaigns mobile companies have to deal with, UA teams need to quickly make sense of highly complex datasets.

Replai’s dashboard is simple and easy to set up. It provides all key metrics, such as CTR, CTI or IPM, along with creative-specific filters such as creative launch date, creative aging, or video tags. With Replai, you quickly know what’s currently working in your campaigns, and where.

UA dashboard on performance
new analytics capabilities

With Replai, acquisition managers can analyze their campaigns’ performance under a new light with deconstructed ad creative elements.

By matching video elements (tags) with performance, UA teams acquire actionable insights – for instance they will learn what the most featured characters in their creatives are, or what the music generating the best CTI is.

best practices insights

Replai helps user acquisition teams understand what they need to do to improve their creatives. The incremental changes suggested are directly correlated with performance metrics, such as CTI or ROASD7. Besides, UA teams have access to a library of AI-driven recommendations derived from the historical performance of their creatives.

Replai becomes the go-to place to build optimized creatives for upcoming campaigns.

actionable competitive data (BETA)

Replai offers UA teams a creative library listing all of their competitors’ ads, as well as their deconstructed video components. Identify what competitors’ video elements you haven’t used in your videos, and how much you are using a specific element in comparison to your competitors.

For each of your competitors’ creative, you can deconstruct them with a timeline feature. These new insights can be leveraged for creative ideation, as well as overall competitive benchmarking.

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