Solutions for Growth teams

When your team is focused on customer acquisition, customer retention and revenue, they need to have the insights on what’s working to optimize marketing channels.

The challenges faced by growth teams: identify the levers for growth

Growth strategists, such as growth marketing leads, need to make sense of marketing performance data and build a plan on what to do next. They encounter many challenges along the way, such as:

  • Getting actionable insights on historical performance
  • Spending too much time on manual analysis
  • Constantly keeping an eye on competitors
  • Generating new ideas to test
  • Managing campaign planning processes

Replai makes it easier to find opportunities

A dashboard set for growth

Your creative performance data is aggregated on a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that highlights AI-driven recommendations.

Quickly build views on your historical performance and leverage filters such as ad networks, campaigns, countries, spend, date range, creative launch date and even tags – Replai’s creative breakdown feature. Draw insights from new dimensional analysis that will inform your next marketing decisions.

performance dashboard for growth
performance dashboard on creative tagging
Enhanced analytics capabilities

Sustain growth by identifying the elements that are working well within your video creatives.

Get granular in your analysis by building your own custom tags, and receive recommendations from Replai on possible video elements that are critical for a creative’s – and a campaign’s – success. Analyze creative and performance data side to side and see what you should do more of.

improved creative collaboaration

Leverage Replai to bridge the gap between your creative and your performance marketing team. With Replai, your teams have access to structured creative performance data at their fingertips.

There is no more back and forth between teams, or communication gaps. Everyone is encouraged to dive into Replai’s data to come up with new ideas for improvement, and brainstorm new creative concepts.

Competitor creative tagging
competitive benchmarking (beta)

Don’t miss on the latest ad creative trends in your industry. Tap into your competitors’ creative datasets to better understand their growth strategy.

See how you compare with them and identify potential new creative concepts that you haven’t tried yet.

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Creative performance analysis

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