Solutions for Creative teams

Creative teams, such as UA artists, creative strategists, and video producers are under pressure to constantly deliver winning creatives. They need to access the data that helps them build successful concepts.

The challenge faced by creative teams: know what works and what doesn’t

Creative leaders, along with their marketing colleagues, need to analyze the performance of their creative assets to understand what get people hooked. They encounter many challenges along the way, such as:

  • Getting actionable performance data from their marketing team
  • Spending too much time analyzing ad concepts
  • Leading creative discussions without making gut-feel decisions
  • Knowing what ideas to test and prioritize
  • Sustaining a high level of ad creative production

Replai makes the creative development process
more data-driven


Replai’s platform empowers creative teams, such as strategists, graphic designers, or creative producers, with highly visual creative performance data. With Replai, creative teams no longer have to deal with number-heavy dashboards. They have better access to the performance of their creatives and they can easily leverage past results to inform their creative roadmap.

They get access to key information such as creative aging or number of hero concepts, and can build views combining historical performance with tags – Replai’s creative breakdown feature.

Concepts overview and creative performance

To avoid relying on tedious manual analysis, creative teams can leverage Replai’s analytics capabilities to get an in-depth understanding of their creative landscape.

For each video ads, they can access an intuitive timeline showing how each video elements (tags) are featured. They can compare creatives and access performance metrics, such as fatigue trend, on the side.


Replai’s AI-driven platform allows creative team to quickly identify what needs to be changed in their creatives to improve UA performance (iteration). At a glance, they can spot the most successful video elements and see how they should combine them together to create a new winning ad creative.

With Replai, creative teams can better orient their ideation and iteration processes, they know what they should build next.

creative ideation and iteration example
Creative insights on what to improve

Within teams, learnings about what works for creatives is easily lost or not applied to new creatives. Creative teams need to build a knowledge hub of all the insights and take-aways they acquired when testing and launching ad creatives.

With Replai, creative teams have access to a creative knowledge base, fed with AI recommendations. This hub of best practices then becomes the go-to place for building new, performance-optimized creatives.

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