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Mobile publishers leverage Replai’s platform to optimize their creative production process and their user acquisition campaigns.

The challenge faced in the mobile world: Grow a user base at a fraction of the cost

App publishers are constantly looking for new users, and their preferred channels are the most notorious ad networks, such as Meta, Snapchat or Tiktok. They need to launch UA campaigns that are generating revenue growth in a sustainable way. To achieve this goal, they encounter many challenges, such as:

  • Lack of user tracking due to privacy-centric regulations
  • A large amount of ad networks and audience targeting choices
  • Loose creative production process
  • Quickly fading campaigns due to creative fatigue
  • Creative ideas based on gut-feelings, not data

Replai helps app publishers build more winning creatives to scale faster

centralized creative data

With Replai, your data on ad campaigns are aggregated and restructured from the ad creative point of view. Easily access your favorite performance metrics, such as CTI or CPI, and filter by networks, campaigns, creative launch date, country, and even video tags – Replai’s AI-driven creative element breakdown.

By combining performance on the creative and tag levels, app developers get a better overview of what’s working in their campaigns.

Concepts and ad performance trends
Creative tagging about emotion
enhanced analysis on creatives

Replai analyzes ad creatives in various ways to identify the key elements driving performance. Deconstruct video ads in tags, such as pace, cut frequency, emotions or featured people (e.g. influencers).

Compare creatives to quickly spot differences – for example, if a specific element is featured in one video but not in another, when and for how long. Easily associate creative elements with performance metrics to inform your creative production roadmap.

creative testing

Build your next creatives with data – drive your iteration and ideation processes by leveraging Replai tags to analyze historical performance and uncover what you haven’t tried yet.

With Replai, you save time and money on creative testing and your next creative choices are no longer based on gut feelings.

performance dashboard on creative tagging
Insights on creative recommendations
best practices hub

In order to keep momentum, app publishers must continuously build new creatives to feed their paid campaigns. If they don’t, their creatives age, and ad fatigue negatively impacts performance.

Replai centralizes all learnings from past campaigns to ensure that creative teams are building the best next creatives, thus increasing creative production win rates, and the number of hero creatives successfully bringing in new users.

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