How your company can leverage Replai

Any company that produces videos can use Replai to improve their creative processes and learnings.

We live in a video world: How do your videos stand out?

Companies are producing videos more than ever. As media channels, such as social media, are rife with videos, companies are facing intense competition for user attention.

Understanding what makes a video successful and engaging is key for any companies willing to grow their audience. Currently, companies encounter many challenges along the way, such as:

  • Basic video data that doesn’t tell the “why” behind results
  • Many channels and siloed video performance data
  • No visibility over the video elements driving success
  • Video ad fatigue harming paid campaign performance
  • Impossibility to scale the analysis of the video landscape

Replai helps companies get actionable data from their videos

All your video data in one place

Replai consolidates all your videos and their associated metrics under one single roof. This way, you can see how each video creative is being promoted, and analyze results across channels. Replai’s dashboard is intuitive and easy to set up.

The analysis you can perform on your videos are not just on key metrics, but also on creative elements – such as duration, characters, emotions, or text. By combining KPIs with creative element tagging, companies get a better understanding of what’s working well in their videos.

Overview and fatigue trend
Video timeline deconstruction
Advanced video analytics

Replai’s AI-powered video analytics capabilities provide in-depth insights on a video’s storyline and core elements, broken down as video tags.

Deconstruct your videos, compare videos, and see how each video elements are being featured, when, and for how long. With performance metrics on the side, such as views and CTRs, your teams gather insights they can act on – for example they can identify the best performing “call to action” text, or the best converting emotion to feature.

Hub for best practices

Companies of all sizes and industries create large amounts of videos, on a more or less regular basis. For each video launched to the public, there are insights and take-aways to learn. Replai helps centralize learnings based on videos’ performances and identifies the impact of each associated video elements (tags).

This way, your teams can optimize video production by incorporating best practices. Replai becomes the go-to place to build the best performing videos for your audience.

Insights on creative recommendations
Competitor creative tagging example
Market insights (Beta)

Companies always look at competitors’ and other producers’ videos to get inspired and start their brainstorming work. Most videos are easily available on social channels and websites – but how to make sense of them all? How to leverage external video data at scale?

With Replai, you access the latest trends on video creatives in your industry. Tap into your competitors’ video creatives data to better understand their growth strategy. See how you compare with them and identify potential new video concepts you haven’t tried yet.

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