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We understand that growth teams need better data

Understanding what makes your audience tick is already tricky enough without having to analyse data across different platforms, using different metrics. At Replai we put all your user acquisition data in one place so you can spend less time putting together insights, and more time learning from them.

We know about the daily challenges you face.

The changes wrought by GDPR and IDFa have hampered the way growth teams generate insights on video content and work with third party analysts. Instead of relying on these data streams, Replai uses AI to automatically generate and analyse tags for your videos so your team can:

  • Develop sophisticated insights which aren’t affected by changes in data protection legislation
  • Use our dashboard to track video performance across multiple platforms
  • Identify features normally missed by creative teams which improve video performance

Insights to help you understand your audience better

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Supporting growth

Understand why and how to make your video
content perform better

It isn’t enough to simply track video performance. Our platform is designed to make analysis faster and more effective, to generate more actionable insights, and improve the feedback process between growth and creative teams.

Measure individual elements
Test the performance of each video element so you can identify exactly what needs to be improved, instead of redesigning the whole video.

Reduce manual tagging
Save time by combining the detailed tags identified by our AI with your own bespoke tags for more granular insights.

Know why video works 
Use Replai to power a data-driven creative strategy, supporting the entire creative lifecycle.

All your data in one place
Streamline your campaign management with Replai. We collect all your video performance data in one dashboard, giving you the big and small picture.

Track bespoke KPIs
Set your own KPIs and develop your own tags and track them across campaigns to ensure you are always getting the best performance out of your videos.

Tailored improvement suggestions
Make the most of Replai’s automatically generated improvement suggestions in the dashboard to decide how to improve the next iteration of your video.

Communicate with creatives
Develop detailed briefs based on performance data which can be shared directly with your creative team.

Build up a knowledge base
Easily generate reports on bespoke KPI performance to keep everyone informed and develop a data bank of tried-and-tested creatives.

Avoid unnecessary errors
Reduce errors, data de-sync or even data loss from swapping between analytics platforms by working from a single source of truth.

Replai has helped us double the win rate of our creative production. We are still using some of the tags identified by Replai a year later because they perform so well.

logo nekki
Chier Marketing Officer at Nekki

Alexander Lubchenko

CMO at Nekki

Replai has helped us unlock a powerful combination of data, AI & creativity to surpass our KPI’s. We are really impressed by the accuracy of Replai’s analysis.

Customer TapNation
UA & Monetization manager at TapNation

Jatin Mittal

UA and Monetization Manager at TapNation

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What does a growth team do?

A growth team is a cross-functional group that is responsible for driving user acquisition and engagement. The team typically includes members from product, advertising, and analytics, who work together to identify and implement growth initiatives. Growth teams often have a deep understanding of user behaviour and use data-driven insights to inform their decisions.

How to increase user acquisition results?

As networks get smarter the traditional methods to increase the impact of your user acquisition campaigns, such as campaign targeting, bid management, and cohort building, are slowly being replaced by machine learning. There still are many ways to increase user acquisition results, but focussing on creative performance is often the most effective.

Why is user research important?

User research gives your business crucial insight into your target demographic. From this research, you will be able to formulate and ideate campaigns that will allow you to form emotional connections with your audience, influencing acquisition strategies to increase CTR and Conversion Rate – helping you achieve business KPIs.