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Don’t rely on others for creative insights

Most analytics platforms blind their users with numbers. At Replai, we offer easy-to-understand dashboards so creative teams can be their own data scientists. Reducing unnecessary admin by allowing creative teams to iterate and test their own strategies, rather than waiting on insights via email or slack.

Replai offers creative teams all the tools necessary to make data-driven decisions about their video strategy and direction, without the need to rely on others. Helping you react faster to trends in your videos, optimising campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Use past experience to power future success

Replai enables your creative team to learn a lot more than just which videos are the most popular. Our AI driven platform automatically identifies and tracks the performance of every aspect of your video content so you can:

  • Increase your win-rate by learning from past success
  • Work independently without the need to rely on other teams for analytics support
  • Streamline the creative process with real time performance testing

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Replai for creatives

Clear insights for smarter creative choices

Data analytics are too important to be difficult to understand. Our platform is designed to make it easy to identify what works and what doesn’t in your video content.

Automatically generate tags
Good video analysis relies on comprehensive tagging. Instead of wasting time manually identifying and tagging every creative aspect of your video content, let Replai do it automatically.

Never miss a detail
Most creative teams aren’t data analysis experts, which means you may fail to analyse important video features. Our AI can automatically track every creative, unlocking growth opportunities otherwise missed by the human eye.

Increase the speed of iteration
Instead of waiting for UA teams to test new features, creative teams can iterate directly with Replai using automatic tagging to speed up their development process

All your insights in one place
Our dashboards capture both detailed data on individual creatives, along with big picture campaign performance making it easy to track your succes.

AI powered recommendations
Sometimes data can be overwhelming. It’s why we combine our detailed data dashboards with recommendations to improve the next iteration of your video.

Support your creative choices
How can you quickly justify a new creative direction to marketing executives? Through smart data visualzation our dashboards make it easy to explain the direction of your creative team.

Accountability without admin
No one enjoys putting together reports to keep management up to date. Replai’s reporting functionality allows you to pull together detailed information quickly, leaving you with more time to focus on creativity.

Analyse data from any source
We seamlessly integrate with all video sources, allowing you to analyse creative performance across platforms.

Automate creative briefs
Replai allows you to generate creative briefs for your team, based on performance data so you can improve both the quality and speed of the creative process.

We’re proud to power these creative teams

Replai has helped us unlock a powerful combination of data, AI & creativity to surpass our KPI’s. We are really impressed by the accuracy of Replai’s analysis.

Customer TapNation
UA & Monetization manager at TapNation

Jattin Mittal

UA and Monetization Manager, TapNation

Replai has helped us double the win rate of our creative production. We are still using some of the tags identified by Replai a year later because they perform so well.

logo nekki
Chier Marketing Officer at Nekki

Alexander Lubchenko

CMO at Nekki

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 What are creative insights?

Creative insights refers to the data creative teams can obtain through analytics. Our video analytics provide creative teams with the performance of every aspect of their videos to aid in increasing win-rate, customer engagement, and streamlining the creative process.

What is creative excellence?

Creative excellence is a term used to describe the process of creating the best possible ad units. As networks and traffic sources are becoming increasingly opaque, the role a creative plays in mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important. You want to create the best possible ad to convert your audience.

How is creativity used in mobile marketing campaigns?

Creativity is used in marketing campaigns via the inclusion of concepts to promote your products or services. Creative marketing campaigns follow the same principles of traditional marketing forms, however, there is a greater focus on inspiring, engaging, surprising or including them to promote success.