How Nekki uses Replai to power a data-driven creative video strategy

Alexander Lubchenko is the Chief Marketing Officer at Nekki, an internationally recognized mobile games publisher. An industry veteran, Alexander has worked specifically within mobile marketing for the past five years. Like many in his field, he was struggling to consolidate all of his video analytics data into one dashboard. Before Replai, he and his team were pulling and comparing information from 20 different accounts, with inconsistent field names and outputs.

Understanding exactly why one video is successful, and another is not, has always been challenging for Nekki. Other creative analysis solutions did not offer the granularity and consistency needed to power a data-driven creative strategy.  

For Nekki, Replai has not only consolidated data in a way that reduces admin time and human error, but it has also provided clear insight into the performance of his video creatives. We spoke to him about how Replai is different from existing platforms, and the way it has changed how he and his teamwork.

Getting started with Replai

Recent changes to privacy laws and data regulation on networks like Facebook have made it increasingly difficult to work with agencies. Not only are the insights generated rarely sufficiently detailed to make informed creative choices on, but even when granted full access there is a drop off in available data access for third parties. The solution was a platform like Replai. 

Understanding WHY a video is Successful

To understand why Replai has been so helpful for Nekki, Alexander dived into the role the platform has played in analyzing past video performance to inform new content. The production team wanted to understand how close combat-based video elements performed with audiences in their videos, comparing different types of weapons. Having explained this to the Replai team, they made a custom tag that could then be automatically applied to historic video content. Allowing the production team to understand the performance metrics attached to using different weapons in their UA videos. Alexander and his team were able to dive into past performance and decide the best strategy for new videos based on the tag. This kind of data-driven creative process has doubled the number of winning videos in production.

The same can be said of the automatic insights Replai has created. A few years ago the Nekki production team added some elements to a creative for fun, and to increase their quality. It wasn’t done with performance in mind and isn’t something they had thought about much since then. Not only did Replai help identify which creative elements lead to a performance increase, but the platform also automatically suggested which creative changes would be impactful. Allowing Nekki to consistently produce video ads that outperform earlier iterations, without having to scour through endless piles of data.

Consolidation and creativity

So why would Alexander recommend Replai? For him, it has been about two key things. Consolidation of data and measuring creativity. First and foremost, Replai has saved his team considerable time and effort in bringing all of their video data under one roof and in one dashboard. “We tested everything and didn’t find any other solution which came close. Replai enables us to both understand the small picture and the big picture simultaneously. No other platform lets us understand our campaigns at scale, while also identifying specific creative elements which can be changed to improve overall performance”.

Secondly, Replai has increased the effectiveness of his production team. Benchmark metrics like IPM, CPI, or ROAS are something that many platforms already generate insights on. Replai is unique in addressing the way creative choices feed into the overall picture. As Alexander puts it: “I can now name the tags which improve performance. Our creative choices aren’t guesswork. We don’t have to come up with entirely new video concepts. With Replai, we can look into our historical data and identify what will work. It’s like building new content from tried and tested Lego blocks”.

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