AI-Driven Video Analysis

Without data, creative choices are just guesswork. Replai helps you understand the difference between a video that your audience acts on and one that is just another scroll.

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Let our AI do the hard work for you

Marketing teams are busy enough without spending endless hours analyzing video data across multiple platforms. At Replai, we take that work off your hands so you can focus on what really matters, creating good video. Use our AI-driven platform to unlock growth opportunities otherwise missed by the human eye.

AI-Powered Video Analysis

Replai deconstructs video into its core components and their associated performance metrics. Helping you understand which video elements are trending, dwindling, missing, or overlooked in your video strategy.

Solutions for creative teams

Custom Tagging

Through a robust and versatile tagging system Replai helps you truly understand which factors affect your performance. Replai offers a wide range of tags right out of the box, and allows you to create custom tags to test any creative hypothesis you might have.

Solutions for user acquisiton & growth teams

An Engine for Growth

Great teams are founded on effective communication. Our platform supports automated briefs based on data insights to align your creative and growth teams, powering the entire creative lifecycle.

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Replai has helped us double the win rate of our creative production. We are still using some of the tags identified by Replai a year later because they perform so well.

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Alexander Lubchenko

CMO at Nekki

Replai has helped us unlock a powerful combination of data, AI & creativity to surpass our KPI’s. We are really impressed by the accuracy of Replai’s analysis.

Jatin Mittal

UA and Monetization Manager at TapNation


Insights that put your videos one step ahead
of the competition

Digital marketing has never been more competitive. With networks becoming more opaque and ongoing developments in privacy regulation there is less data available for you to base your creative direction on. Replai gives anyone that relies on video the competitive edge to continuously outperform the competition.


Increase your creative win rate

Instead of reinventing the wheel with each new video or concept, Replai identifies successful elements in your content, reducing the guesswork in your creative process.


One platform to rule them all

Different platforms offer different metrics making like-for-like comparisons difficult. Aggregate, analyze and manage all video performance data in a singular, easy to use dashboard.


Learn from past experience

Replai can identify exactly what made each of your past videos successful. So you can select and combine the best creatives elements to keep repeating from previous campaigns.


The big and the small picture

With Replai your team can track a campaign at scale, while also identifying specific creative elements which can be changed to improve overall performance.

Trust us, we know video



Impressions analyzed daily


Visual elements tagged each day


Daily automated design suggestions

Discover your most successful video

Creativity isn’t about guesswork, it’s about understanding your audience. Book a demo today and learn what makes your audience click


Our platform is designed with creative
and growth teams in mind

Replai offers all the tools necessary to make data-driven decisions about your video strategy without the need to rely on others. Helping you to react faster on trends in your videos, optimising campaigns in a fraction of the time. Create winning videos faster, and at scale.

Real-time insight dashboard
Collecting data and insights is not the same as understanding it. We aggregate all video data into a singular source of truth, helping you compare and analyze video performance like-for-like.

Automated and data-driven suggestions
Overwhelmed with data? We automatically generate suggestions for how to improve your videos based on past performance. Helping you make informed choices about which creative direction to pursue for maximum impact.

Built with collaboration in mind
Waiting on data reports and insights from other teams can considerably delay creatives as they try to optimize video content. It’s why we have created dashboards which generate insights for both creative and user acquisition teams, allowing for easy collaboration throughout the entire creative lifecycle.

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Bespoke tagging
Replai deconstructs your videos and organize all components, and their performance metrics, in an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard. To help you organize all your components we offer a robust tagging system, helping you create a taxonomy that works for you.

Iterate or ideate
A video might not work and if you don’t look into which element doesn’t work, you might end up killing a video that could have been iterated. With Replai they can find out which parts of the video are working super well and replace the ones that aren’t to get closer to the next hero creative.

Quantify creativity
As a manager in a creative department it is important to be able to show the connection between the changes your team has made, and delivery on your business KPIs. We allow you to set unique tags, and measure performance on those through each iteration. So you can directly show the connection between your hard work and better performing content.

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Tailored reporting
In mobile marketing, time is one of your most valuable assets. It’s why we have created dashboards which generate insights for both creative and user acquisition teams. So you can spend less time waiting on reports, and more time creating.

Collaboration is key
With easy-to-understand data and reporting functionality, our platform streamlines the entire video development process. Replai helps creative teams do what they do best, create!

A single source of truth for video
Every customer is unique, that is why we made it super easy to generate reports based on metrics that matter to you. Generate reports based on the performance of campaigns, specific videos or even specific features.

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One-click integration – No SDK, No dev time

We seamlessly integrate with all your video sources and process them automatically, enabling you to make creative-data driven decisions like never before. Light, fast and with no disruption to core processes.

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Understand why video works

Every audience is unique, and so are their tastes. We believe successful video content is built on the foundations of a deep understanding of your audience. It is our mission to create those foundations by combining data and creativity, helping organizations forge lasting and meaningful relationships through video.

What are video analytics?

Video analytics is an umbrella term given to the technology that automatically allows you to analyse video elements and their performance. At Replai, we use an AI-driven tagging system so that you can gain data driven insights on crucial elements of your video creatives.

How do video analytics work?

Typical video analytics follow an “if/then” rule-based algorithm as part of a decision tree. At Replai, we take this a step further by allowing you to use bespoke tagging to deconstruct your videos, and organise components to give you total visibility over your key performance metrics.

Why use video analytics?

Successful video analytics will allow you to fully understand how your audience interacts with your video content. Allowing you to use data to drive a a data backed creative strategy improving the performance of your video content.