New in Replai – Learn all about our latest feature releases and light theme.

Welcome to the first of a new series in which we highlight key feature release and platform updates. Join us in our journey towards building the one-all-end-all platform for AI-driven video analysis, this month we are highlighting the new Custom and Core tag pages, brand new custom scoring functionality, and the addition of a new Core tag. Next to new features and functionality, we are proud to present an aesthetic overhaul as well: Light Theme!

Light Theme

We have been working hard on overhauling the look and feel of our platform. To bring it inline with modern UI/UX trends, and to be able to better deliver key analysis and making it easier to find, understand and apply Replai driven insights, we are releasing Light Theme. Observant readers might notice the screenshots look different. Join us in saying “Hello” to Light Theme! Modern, slick, and more intuitive, light theme will be set as default for all customers later this month!

New Custom & Core tag pages

Replai driven tags are an important part of our platform, and while they are incredibly versatile, they can also be complex at times. That is why we completely overhauled the tag overview sections, making it much easier to quickly identify insights across categories. You can now easily switch between the performance of core and custom tags, spot optimization opportunities across categories, and utilize Replai generated suggestions more efficiently.

Custom Scoring

We designed our platform to be incredibly versatile, enabling creative and growth teams to easily analyze any creative hypothesis. Because let’s face it, each mobile developer is unique. To better serve our customer’s needs for specific and bespoke metrics we introduce a new Custom Scoring system.

The Custom Score allows you to create an aggregated metric and compare that against creative performance. This will help you better understand video performance anywhere in the acquisition funnel.

A new core tag has entered the fray

While custom tags really help you formulate and test a creative hypothesis that is bespoke to your organization, core tags serve as a foundation for all video content.  We released a new core tag: Music.

Replai will now automatically detect any song and published audio that is running within your video. Does your audience respond better to Bach or might it be the Foo Fighters that prompt them to install your app, you can now easily find out.

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