Artificial Intelligence at your service

Replai works with any gaming footage. Our machines deploy hundreds of processes working together at every second to understand exactly what is happening and filter with perfect accuracy. Here are some of them.



Replai employs over 300 Computer Vision techniques to know what's happening on-screen and eliminate all the clutter. Factors like color variations, scene transitions, frame analysis and sequencing are taken into account to categorize images.

Object detection detects over 80 different objects on-screen

Scene recognition discerns scenes that stand out from the rest

Motion awareness identifies movements that describe highly elaborate actions.

vision AI


Our Artificial Intelligence distinguishes the type of sounds that are happening and the advanced frequency analysis system identifies situations of peak interest.

Excitement detection gauges variation in internal and external sound sources.

Speech recognition turns spoken audio to data, linking it to screen action.

Crowd emotion meter recognizes live feedback to capture context.

audio AI


All features are analyzed in detail to make the process lightning-fast and more accurate than human processes. We employ a hyper-dimensional full cycle map that relates, contextualizes and disambiguates what it perceives.

Scoring every result numerically to verify its quality

Real-time generation processes clips as it happens in 1:1

Engagement optimization adapts to the performance of each clip

performance AI