Replai to accelerate growth with

$4.7 million

in seed funding

Published by Joao & Francisco, October 1, 2021
Founders of Replai are celebrating 4.7 million dollars of seed round

Today, we have great news to announce: some of the tech industry’s most influential investors have come together to provide the Replai team with $4.7 million in seed funding to grow our business. This round was led by visionaries such as Hoxton, Sonae IM, Lux Capital, Sequoia, and Accel — and includes expanded participation from existing investors — to bring our total funding to date to $6 million.

This is a truly humbling achievement on our exciting journey. Not only are we grateful that these investors believe in Replai’s mission, but we are thrilled to be backed by the minds that helped fuel and build tech unicorns such as WhatsApp, Unbabel, Anchorage, Sonae, and Jellysmack. We are in great company.

With the help of our amazing team, these funds will allow us to accelerate our first-mover advantage and expand our footprint globally as the trailblazer in custom computer vision and AI intelligence for video. We believe that by combining our industry-leading tech with a customer-centric ethos, we can build better products for our customers, partners, and our team. And thanks to this funding round we will be able to expand our product suite, hire new talent, and accelerate growth across the U.S. and Europe.

We see video intelligence as a game-changing development, especially for digital and mobile marketing teams — many of whom have not been able to fine-tune video performance in the same way they may test other campaign elements. We plan to continue partnering with clients to address their pain points and give them a competitive edge.

We believe that by combining our industry-leading tech with a customer-centric ethos, we can build better products for our customers, partners, and our team.‍

Replai: Creative Insight platform

Digital marketing is a data-driven business, but even as video has grown in importance as part of marketing and growth strategies, the content itself has not always been subject to rigorous data-driven decisions. But that is changing, thanks to Replai, the team behind the tech, and our investors.

What does Replai do?

  • Replai enables users to make 100% data-driven decisions about any element or concept they choose for their video
  • Provides customers with automated insights on what video elements are trending, dwindling, missing, or overlooked in their video strategy
  • Recognizes video concepts and their variations, matching all auto-tagged visual elements with psychological taxonomies
  • Customers receive recommendations for alternative visual elements that trigger engagement with individual user audiences to increase performance

Who is Replai for?

Replai is ideal for marketers, communication professionals, sales teams, and anyone who relies on video to drive results. Regardless of industry, if you want to make better data-driven decisions about your video creatives, Replai can help. Ultimately, our technology can enable teams to make better use of budgets and drive better sales outcomes.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

‍"As a firm, we only focus on startups pioneering innovative new categories. Replai is a game-changer with their AI-based video intelligence platform. They have an outstanding team, disruptive technology, and a global vision to scale into Europe's next decacorn. We look forward to helping João and Franciso scale the company and solidify its first-mover leadership," said Hussein Kanji, partner at Hoxton Ventures.

‍With $2.5 billion already spent on video through our platform, we are confident we can use this latest round of funding to continue helping new and existing customers to grow.

If you have any questions about how Replai works or how this technology can help your team, do not hesitate to reach out.