Replai raises $1.3M in seed funding round

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Leading players from the gaming and tech industry invest in short-video startup

What do leaders from Whatsapp, Playrix, Nekki, Aptoide, Dashdash and Unbabel have in common? They recently invested in Replai, a Portuguese startup that uses artificial intelligence to create short-videos in real time and increase the value of gaming audiences. The $1.3M seed round led by Bright Pixel, alongside Ideias Glaciares, Clever Advertising and other c-level business angels from the mentioned companies will be assigned to business development, recruitment and international expansion, with the UK and the US as priorities.

Founded in 2019 by João Costa and Francisco Pacheco, both with relevant backgrounds in mobile gaming and monetization, Replai is an AI-based pioneering platform that automates the creation of short-videos and optimizes them for different target audiences, improving sponsorship and advertising deals for the content owner. With short-videos as a rising trend in the digital sphere and already one of the most popular formats amongst Gen-Z, Replai identified an untapped opportunity in the market, since video editing at scale requires many hours and resulting content yields uncertain returns. Aiming to fill this gap, the Portuguese startup relies on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze longer videos, extract almost instantly the main highlights adapted to preferences of different users and predict their revenue potential.

Replai's solution automatically puts together a set of highlights from any gaming livestream, creating custom-made clips for each social network to maximize audiences and generate revenue for sponsors and advertisers. “This round allows us, above all, to gather a panel of experts in gaming and technology that will help us take the next step growth-wise as soon as possible”, say João Costa and Francisco Pacheco, founders of Replai.

For Bright Pixel, who led this debut round, the investment reflects a reinforcement of its positioning on emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and poses as evidence of the remarkable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal. The Portuguese startup has a team of 10 employees and is as advisors counts on people who are part of well-known companies worldwide such as EA Sports, Microsoft and WhatsApp.

"Replai stands out for their AI technology which enables automatic creation and distribution of short videos, this being a transversal need to any area that uses video as a communication method. Besides the innovative solution, Replai is founded by two young entrepreneurs with a proved record of user acquisition, strong technical know-how and the ambition to grow the business globally. This combination of factors was decisive and provides us confidence in consolidating Replai's success" explains Benjamin Júnior, co-founder and a member of the investment team at Bright Pixel.

Alexander Lubchenko, CMO at Nekki, mentions that "Replai is providing a way to improve the value of gaming and esports as a mainstream entertainment platform and allows promoters, broadcasters and communities to grow. Their use of AI ensures scalability by solving a lot of pain points when using livestreams and video, while allowing content creation instantly at scale. I'm excited to partner with them on this journey."

"I'm really excited to be part of the Replai journey. Their AI developed solution will massively accelerate distribution and monetisation of gaming and esports streaming and greatly move the industry forward. I feel Replai's impact will start to be felt very soon - watch this space!" says Wolfgang Allisat, Chief Revenue Officer at Unbabel.

About Replai

Replai is an artificial intelligence based tech company that brings unprecedented technology to the world of gaming and esports. Backed by leaders of tech companies (Whatsapp, Unbabel and others), we use unsupervised AI to produce, adapt and monetize short-video at scale. We empower gaming and esports leaders to bring the industry to the forefront of global entertainment, create heroes and rivals, the "Michael Jordans" of esports by tailoring livestreams' best moments. Replai addresses a major struggle for producing content: turning great moments into revenue. For that we provide an all-in-one tool that creates highlights for any stream, generates custom clips for each social network, understands the worth to sponsors and advertisers and acts as a marketplace for the screentime of clips.